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The Tip

Screw U Poles innovative design all comes down to the tip- what we consider to be the most important part of your pole. Our tips are gold-coloured, industrial strength steel. Why? Because we believe in being able to last. 


The Shaft

However, there would be no tip without a shaft, which we've named the part between the handle and the basket. Skinny and durable, our Screw U Poles shaft is made from a medium form of aluminium, making it a light weight but reliable way to screw your way around the mountain.


The Handle

Finally, we here at Screw U Poles appreciate a good, strong grip, which is why we've made our handle nice and spongy, and our wrist strap adjustable to ensure you get the right fit every time.

Screw U Poles

  • For all orders above 100,00 EUR we pay the sipment costs for you! Just add a Hoodie or ask your buddy to join the revolution of skipoles and get him a pair as well!

  • If you should break your beloved Screw U Poles TIP, don´t worry Bro! We come up with a lifetime guarantee! So just drop us a message or go to your trusted dealer and ask for exchange and you will get a brand new Tip!

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