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  • How much do Screw U Poles cost?
    Screw U Poles V1 are currently available at £/€69.69.
  • What are Screw U Poles made from?
    Screw U Poles are made from quality materials so are guaranteed to last. The shaft is made from 7175 aluminium, making it lightweight and comfortable for you to use on the mountain. The tip is made from industrial strength steel with a gold anodised tip making it not only strong but stylish.
  • Where can I buy Screw U Poles?
    You can buy SUP poles from resort reps or by contacting Tim directly. Email: Call: (+44) 07508308672
  • Where can I keep up to date with the latest Scew U Poles news?
    You can find us on Facebook and Instagram or subscibe below to keep in the SUP loop.
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